aforementioned EP

by stephmills

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Much love everyone!



released January 6, 2014

Artwork by stephmills



all rights reserved


stephmills New Jersey

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Track Name: Get.swung.on. feat. E-Dizzy [prod. NAMELESS]

I talk shit like I got a speech impediment
Made it through the strife like my college prerequisites
I’m the best baby, you could say I’m arrogant
I just know that what comes after me is just a settlement

Need some ice for that burn? Now you are irrelevant
So close to my dreams that I have the moon’s temperament
Females on my regimen, nursing school dedicate
“I don’t even like Steph Mills”, seek a therapist

Maybe it’s me, and I read the signs wrong
But I believe the mind and the eyes tell all
This might be up front, but you are just where I belong
I’m feeling off balanced…..

Can’t convince me you’re not a regular broad
Such a mystery like an anonymous call
No more chasing women but I like to play along
And honestly I’d love it if you were my theme song

What? I’m crushing, but I don’t want no bitches
Ask your girlfriend though I know I’m probably on her wishlist
Texts me on the late night, wants to do me like some dishes
Desperate and persistent she ain’t getting shit for Christmas

I see you coming up short like a midget
Call me Chinese cause I eat nothing but kitten
I am the recruiter though let me get a witness
Plenty in the ocean but I’m stealing all the fishes